Cigarettes cant sleep at night

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You may be on to something! I can't believe that simply lying on your left side would help but I swear I just woke up from a very vivid dream, some of which I could control and sure enough I was on my left side. I think I usually fall asleep on my left side. 

I’m in my 19th week of non smoking, and do suffer from sleep depravation but i have a very physical job and notice that while i’m not getting what i regard as a full night’s sleep,, i have noticed that my energy levels are a lot higher. Hope this helps folks. butter side up Neill.

This is interesting and helpful info. One thing that it doesn't mention is that nicotine is addictive, which is why it's a little different from some other "indulgences", but it does mention the health risks from nicotine per se.

Cigarettes Cant Sleep At NightCigarettes Cant Sleep At NightCigarettes Cant Sleep At NightCigarettes Cant Sleep At Night