The coasters lets go get stoned money honey

#9. Mean Streak @ Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio, Located right next to one of my favorite coasters of all time, Maverick, this thing is a real emberassment to Cedar Point and its roller coaster collection and shouldn't be seen with Cedar Point's other rides, let alone be the next door neighbor to Maverick. I know recently, they got rid of Wildcat and Disastor Transport. Disastor Transport was meh, and while I don't really care about Wildcat, the credit whore inside me still just wishes that I would've gotten it so I could've added it to my count. But I'm mostly surprised that Cedar Point decides to remove two coasters, and NEITHER OF THEM ARE MEAN STREAK!!!! Seriously Cedar Point!!! Ok, Disaster Transport was nothing special. It was boring, it was meh, but it was still better than this peice of sh*t!!!! So what exactly is wrong with this ride? Well, pretty much everything that was mentioned with Son of Beast. IT'S UNCOMFORTABLE AND BORING!!!!! But this doesn't have ANYTHING to it. At least Son of Beast had a decent pre-lift and a fun first drop. This doesn't even have that. The first drop is trimmed so there's no speed and the rest is just slow shuffling. Hell, not even the General Public likes this ride!!! This was the only ride at Cedar Point with a walk on wait. I mean, I waited longer for the Derby Down than for this thing. But maybe Mean Streak will be the next coaster at Cedar Point to get the axe, or maybe they're planning on giving it the Texas Giant Treatment. I know that was a similar ride to Mean Streak, then they redid it and people are giving it super high reviews. I'll be over there next year to see for myself if these reviews of the New Texas Giant are accurate. So hopefully Cedar Point will give it some love like that, but until then, Here's a dog poop bag for Maverick. Someone made a mess next door to you.

Ever wanted to go bungee jumping, but too afraid of the real deal? Well, the  Nothin' but Net free fall ride at Zero Gravity park in Dallas provides a similar thrill. You get to fall from 16 stories — with no parachute or other equipment — and land in a safety net. The drop is 130 feet. Now the name isn't a joke; there's literally nothing but a net. It's kind of scarier than bungee jumping because you're not attached to a rope, and if you were to miss the net and hit the scaffolding beside it or the ground below, well, that would probably be the end. 

The Coasters Lets Go Get Stoned Money HoneyThe Coasters Lets Go Get Stoned Money HoneyThe Coasters Lets Go Get Stoned Money HoneyThe Coasters Lets Go Get Stoned Money Honey