The radiators song of the faithful departed

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New Orleans singer and pianist Dr. John covered "Iko Iko" in 1972 for his fifth studio album Dr. John's Gumbo . Released as a single in March 1972 on Atco Records , his version of the song charted at number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was produced by Jerry Wexler and Harold Battiste . The following is the "Iko Iko" story, as told by Dr. John in the liner notes to his 1972 album , Dr. John's Gumbo , in which he covers New Orleans R&B classics:

My first thought was that I could strip the old paint of these radiators by hand, with some chemicals and power tools. With a new baby in the family, I was determined to remove what was likely lead paint, and restore these radiators to their original beauty.

This year we have performances taking place on two stages –  Main Stage and Acoustic stage (found in the Bar tent).

A resulting creative collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist, Aaron Ramsey has delivered 12 tracks of great colour and interesting arrangements. This artist can certainly hold a tune as proven on Good Things ; as close to an up-tempo rocker as this project gets. There is a bluesy feel to Faking It and the restrained playing adds to the atmosphere of the song. Half Way Done showcases Pi’s voice in all its gentle restraint, as does the poignant last track, When My Father Is Gone.

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The Radiators Song Of The Faithful DepartedThe Radiators Song Of The Faithful DepartedThe Radiators Song Of The Faithful DepartedThe Radiators Song Of The Faithful Departed