Bold gotta get some

James Gunn started his statement via Twitter over the weekend by addressing the accusations that got Harvey Weinstein fired from his own company. Since it was Twitter, he only had 140 characters to get his point across, but he was able to pull it off, calling out Harvey Weinstein and anybody who knew about his actions and hid them. He had this to say.

Take a minute and read the above paragraph again. I drove it to Powell; Tavarish drove it from Upper Arlington. And thereby hangs a tale.

Patrons liked the improvised chips so much that they went on the menu. As the story goes, the next year, Frito-Lay marketing executive Arch West visited the restaurant, saw how popular the tortilla chips were, and started planning a national rollout for the snacks. 

Bold Gotta Get SomeBold Gotta Get SomeBold Gotta Get SomeBold Gotta Get Some