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Step 1 is to redirect your rival’s negative emotions so that they are channeled away from you. Clendenin decided to have a one-on-one meeting with Gunning, but not in his office, because that would only remind Gunning of the promotion he’d lost. Instead, he found out where Gunning liked to eat and took him there for lunch. “I was letting him know that I understood his worth,” Clendenin says of this contextual redirection.

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It’s simple, you pay us a low $*, give us their name and address (anywhere in the world), and we’ll take the sacrifice upon ourselves to stuff an envelope to the fucking rafters full of that glittery shit, write a fancy note telling that person why exactly they are now experiencing this horrible and cruel punishment. We’re seriously professional about this, maximum glitter explosion will occur as we strategically place all the glittery gunk inside the actual note! (we’re fucking clever like that!) The Letter will even be hand written on the front so they’ll even think it’s a thoughtful caring letter addressed from their mamma or something. Fuck, we’ve thought of everything.

"I shipped a letter to my boss and watched her open the finest glitter I've ever seen all over her keyboard. It was incredible."

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I installed the mod and it seemed to run fine. But the only version it will show is the red lines. Is it possible to get the green triangular-shaped indicator instead? Like the one shown in the top picture? I haven’t installed any of the additions. only the one labeled: “Direction guns enemies on the minimap- ( Mb)”

But nobody, least of all the industry that rode the wave of the dirtbike boom, had done any homework. They just sold your units and plenty of spares. The profit on a dirtbike was enormous compared to a comparably priced street bike.

Enemies Products Of The StreetEnemies Products Of The StreetEnemies Products Of The StreetEnemies Products Of The Street